Why Ericeira?

Ericeira is a surfing paradise located on the west Portuguese coast 50 km away from the capital, Lisbon. The town centre is a picturesque, touristic, fishing village, abounded of traditions and known as having a great variety of fish and seafood. This village with an excellent geographic location, great climate and with uninhibited ocean views from most parts offers great surf spots which regularly break with world class perfect waves onto clean and classic sandy beaches like Ribeira de Ilhas, Coxos, Foz do Lizandro, São Julião, São Lourenço, Norte and São Sebastião. It can provide great waves for both beginners and experienced surfers. Also, this surfing village has been visited by surfers from all over the world since the 70´s, and recently became Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve.

Action Waves, offers a selection of surf packages and experiences to meet your preferences in your favorite location.

Portugal the place to be and enjoy…

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Rua Oceano Atlântico n.º 6 – 1. º Dto
Urbanização Ribeira d´Ilhas 2655-487 Ericeira, Portugal

Email: info@actionwavesportugal.com

Phone (Gonçalo): +351 91 844 88 93
Phone (Andreia): +351 91 401 03 30

skype: Action_Waves_Portugal

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