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An event helps to bring brands closer to people’s lives by creating experiences and emotional associations, making the relationship with your client go beyond the simple purchase of products or services.
The variant of events come in a logic of integrated communication strategies that enable meeting the needs of our customers in a distinct, creative and appealing to emotions manner.

aHead organizes and manages events like Trade Shows Management , Corporate Events and Team Building Events, uniquely design to each customer.

  • Trade Shows Management

Nowadays exhibitions are more of a social gathering than a display of actual products. We propose integrated solutions, bringing out your product and having a communications plan associated.

We have unique solutions for:
Contact with fair organizers – Stand – Mini-website – Invitations – Multimedia Presentations – Brochures – Hostesses – Catering Service – Press releases

  • Corporate Events

The aim of Corporate Events goes, for instance, through the launch of a brand or a product.
It is intended that the event marks and touches, so that you can in the first instant catch the audience who may acquire, use or influence the choice of buying your product.
The easiest way to obtain this result is with an event that brings together our target audience.

Choose the venue – Naming – Decoration – Mini-website – Invitations – Merchandising – Brochures – Hostesses – Catering Service – Press releases

  • Team Building

Team building, as the name implies, is intended to be an activity where there is an interaction of workers at all levels of an organization: mingle the management, the supervisors and the workers in general.

Cooperation, union, increase strategic capabilities.
Be it in a golf course, in a kart track, in a photography workshop or in a public fund raising for a noble cause, we expose the best of each other in favour of the success of the entire organization!

Choose the venue and activity – Contact the partners – Merchandising for the event – Catering Service